Is it time to let go?

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As the colours of Autumn begin to emerge, we can see that winter is on it’s way.  The wheel of the year continues its cycle, passing through the Autumn Equinox (March 20th), when day and night were of equal length, the scales have now tipped towards extended nights and less hours of daylight.  Right now is a time to consider what parts of our life are in balance (or not) and ask what we can do to create a more balanced state of being.

Looking to the wisdom of nature, many trees and plants recognise that now is a time to shed.  A time to lighten their load to conserve energy for the darker, colder times ahead in winter.  It serves us to also use this time to release that which could weigh us down during the coming months.

Physically, are there any clothes you have outgrown or don’t wear anymore?  Do you have things laying around not being used and taking up space?  Holding on to things can take up unnecessary room and lead to stagnation of energy.  So why not lighten your load by doing a little clearing of your physical space to create a little more spaciousness at home for the winter months?

Emotionally, are there any relationships that you are pursuing out of habit, or obligation, or perhaps fear of loneliness?  Your soul is constantly yearning to expand and holding onto friends that are moving in a different direction can weigh you down or keep you playing small.  It might be time to recognise that some friendships are fading away to make room for the new ones that are on their way.  Let them go with peace and love, knowing that if they are meant to be in your life, they will be back when the timing is right for you both.  And trust that new friendships will appear to support your growth and evolution.

Energetically, is it time to have a little ‘tune up’?!  Just like the dust on your window sill, over time you can naturally get a build up in your energy field of substances that are unseen to the eye.  Especially after many of us had a lot of time in our own energy last year and have recently been spending more time in other people’s energy fields – we may not even be aware of what we have taken on energetically from others.  Now might be a good time to get an energy treatment (kinesiology can be great for clearing energy), or simply cleanse your home space and personal energy field to release any stagnation.

It has been a very transformative year for everyone on many levels and as we head towards winter now is the time to do what you can to prepare yourself for the darker, colder months ahead.  Doing some basic preparation and clearing out anything that could weigh you down will help boost your immunity and enable you to sit more comfortably with the stillness that winter naturally brings.

If you feel you could benefit from a little extra support as you move towards winter, in-person (Kyneton) and online kinesiology sessions are still available and below are details of some events I am facilitating in the coming months.

May you enjoy the beauty of autumn and feel the freedom that letting go can bring.

Michelle Teunon