Welcome.  I’m so glad you’re here.

It would be my honour to walk alongside you on your journey of transformation.  


You don’t need to just cope with life.  It’s possible to enjoy life and even thrive….sometimes you just need the right support.

Body and Soul Solutions can help facilitate your healing journey and ease you through the transitions and challenges you and your family are facing.  Whether you need support tending to the well-being of your children, want to learn how to live more authentically, are seeking natural solutions for back pain, or simply looking to reconnect with your soul, you’ve come to a place where your needs will be heard and nurtured.

Using the wisdom of the elements to teach you how to bring balance back into your life, Michelle uses the tool of Kinesiology to gain guidance from your body about the messages that will nurture your growth.  Kinesiology can unlock the code to your healing and turn your pain into power.

Michelle also facilitates healing through the use of Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Bodywork and Qi Gong, helping you create health and harmony, naturally.

Servicing Kyneton and the Macedon Ranges.

Now offering Sacred Ceremonial services including Seasonal celebrations and meditations, End of Life Ceremonies, Fertility Ceremonies and Blessingways, plus Rites of Passage.