Death Doula, Natural Death Care, Holistic Funeral services


Terminal illness can be a difficult time.

You don’t have to take the journey alone.  I can’t make the illness go away, but I hope I can support you to cope better with it.  My aim is to help you tie up any loose ends so you can be somewhat at peace as you undertake this journey.

Perhaps it’s important for you to create deeper, authentic connections with your loved ones to resolve anything left unsaid.  It might be that your priority is to create a home care team to optimise your comfort and level of function.  Or maybe you need someone to help you record your advance care plan and end of life wishes and who will be your advocate to ensure these factors are implemented according to your needs.

End of life care is important.  Knowing you have someone you can call on for support is reassuring.

With over 8 years experience working for an independent funeral organisation and a lifetime of experience working with the deeper needs of each individual, I want to help you make the most of your life while you’re still here.  I also want to ensure you are well informed to be able to make empowered end of life choices.

Available to support you with death doula services, end of life ceremonies, or all aspects of personalised funeral arrangements, including home vigils or funerals.

Contact Michelle on 0408081455 for further information or package options.