Connecting to earth energy for health and healing

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Connecting to earth energy for health and healing.

Perhaps, like me, you’re rejoicing that Spring is in the air!  It’s been lovely to have a taste of Spring this week to help warm my bones and welcome my body back to Australia after 5 weeks in Peru with overnight temperatures below zero (and no indoor heating might I add!!).

And what incredible land Peru is.  If you’ve never been before I can highly recommend it.  My trip consisted of a lot of nature time, trekking, high altitude, fresh mountain air and learning about the local Qéro ways of connecting to Pachamama (Mother Earth).

The Qéro are direct descendants of the ancient Inka civilization from the Cusco region of Peru.  They reverently honour Pachamama and the Apus (mountain deities) and are in a constant reciprocal relationship with the earth and her elements.  It was an honour to be able to witness and contribute to earth ceremonies called Despachos, which are offerings to Pachamama containing prayers and small quantities of the food that sustain the community (rice, corn, grains, etc) – a way of giving thanks for her bounty and asking for the things that they need for further abundance.

For me it was a great reminder of just how powerful gratitude can be in
our daily lives and also the benefit of prayer, or simply asking for what you need, to bring you strength and help you evolve.  Not only does it keep you consciously focused on the positive as a way of moving forward, but it also means these intentions are being voiced to the universe….and as it goes – energy follows intention (or thought), so it actually helps to attract into your life what you are really seeking.  It reminds me also that when we focus on what’s ‘wrong’ with our lives, focusing on what we don’t want, it can actually bring us more of the very thing we don’t want as that ends up being the energy intention we are inadvertently setting.

The other gift for me about this trip was that through reconnecting to Pachamama and myself so consciously I feel really, REALLY ‘grounded’.  Some people may ask ‘what does it mean to be ‘grounded’?  I think the nature of how we operate our lives these days in the Western world doesn’t really give us a sense of what it truly means!  Perhaps I can start by describing what it means to be ‘un-grounded’: usually it manifests in all the energy being caught up in our heads – have you ever felt anxious?  Been stuck in overthinking?  Have headaches?  Stiff neck and shoulders?  Feeling lethargic?  It could be a sign that you are un-grounded, or not really connected to the energy of the earth.  This can impact not only our sense of belonging, but also our feelings of safety and whether we feel supported and provided for.

Being ‘grounded’ can help create a greater connection to the earth and our physical bodies. Being connected means the earth energy can flow freely through our body, energising every cell.  This provides an excellent foundation on which to build our life.  Without a proper foundation no home could stand strong and stable.  The same applies to our own temple, our bodies – we need a stable foundation in order to feel stable in our minds and our bodies.  When we feel firmly planted on the ground we are naturally more in tune with our body’s needs, creating a greater feeling of security and trust within ourselves.

What can you do to ground yourself if you’re not feeling grounded?  Try any of these:

  • body based activities such as yoga or qi gong
  • walking in nature
  • listening to the sounds and taking in the sights of nature
  • simply walking barefoot on the ground
  • stand on the earth and focus on the feeling of your feet rooting into the earth like a tree grows its roots
  • sit in meditation and focus on the base chakra (the area between the legs)
  • deep conscious breathing
  • giving thanks to Mother Earth for all that she provides to you – the food that you eat, the air that you breathe, the earth that you walk on with every step that you take

When we do any of these (even if just for a moment) we are focusing the energy downwards, towards the earth, which helps to rest the energy of the mind and connect you more to your physical body.  Go on and try it – see how you feel….


I’m now back in clinic at The Hartington Centre.  My new clinic day is now Wednesday, so please get in touch for bookings on 0408081455