Returning to self

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There has been a call from deep within us this year.  Something we could no longer ignore.  It has taken its toll on our lives and we’re now in the process of reclaiming our power.  However we must remember that our power is never taken from us, but instead we give it away.  Seeking love and acknowledgement we sometimes act in ways that are against our truest values.  This is disempowering.

If your journey over the past few months has highlighted in what area your personal power is out of alignment, you’re not alone.  It has been a very deep process for so many this year.

It might have felt intense, unsettling and heart-breaking at times.  In spite of this, it was such a necessary adjustment to witness your part in its creation.  And while that in itself can feel intense, unsettling and heart-breaking – it also offers a wonderful opportunity.

You now know what you need to do to live a more empowered life.  You can see where you have been giving over your power and have not been nurturing your heart and soul.  You can now take the necessary steps to rectify this.  Choose to focus on the thoughts and actions that lead you towards fulfilment, rather than disempowerment.  Be receptive to a new way of honouring yourself, which clearly demonstrates to others how you deserve to be treated.

And if you encounter doubts and resistance to this new way of being (which inevitably you will, as is the natural part of any transformation), take a moment to consider the changes you are implementing.  Feel the vibration these changes bring about in you.  Follow this trajectory into the future.  How does it feel?

Then go back into the energies you’re moving away from and feel their vibration. Follow this trajectory into the future.  How does it feel?

You will come to know why these changes are essential in your life right now.  You will see why your choice to nurture your own needs does not indicate selfish motives.  It is a choice that not only supports you, but all the people in your world and everyone you encounter.

Returning to self is a necessary step in your evolution.  Such a vital step that is moving you closer towards the person you wish to become and the life you want to live.  You no longer need to believe your own lie about your unworthiness.  We are all a magnificent part of ALL THAT IS and therefore we are all deserving of love, pleasure and joy.

But it IS time to realise that no one else can provide these for you.  You can’t gain love by giving up on your own needs.  Your first step is to attend to your own well-being.  To ensure that your actions are directed towards SELF-LOVE.  By filling your own cup first, your love will surely overflow to those around you.

See yourself as the Supreme Being of your world and discover what that activates.

Blessings on your journey.  Much love, Michelle