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Have you ever considered the true consequences of putting yourself at the end of constant stream of demands?

Because there’s work to do, kids to cook for, parents to visit, partners to help out, washing to do, dishes to clean, emails to respond to, her to call, him to take there, this to follow up on, that to get done…..the list is endless.

And at the bottom of the list is you.  Why? Because you perceive the other things to be important.  Sure, they may be.  But you’re important too.  Actually, you ought to be the number one thing on your list – I mean, isn’t it important that you have enough energy to get the rest of the things done?

I find it ironic that it’s human nature to strive to get all the other things done and ‘if there’s time’ – I’ll get around to doing something for myself.  And sometimes this ‘something’ is such an important factor as having a good breakfast to refuel for the day that could help you get the other stuff done!

Life is busy these days.  There’s some weird belief in our society that we ‘have’ to be busy, productive, doing stuff to ‘be’ someone.  I too am guilty of this.  But it’s a habit I’m trying to break before I have a breakdown!!!

I often use the analogy of a chalice – our most efficient way forward is to allow our cup to be filled first so it can overflow to those around us.  So that we feel full, enlivened, energised and can use that to nourish our loved ones and complete the tasks that are essential to our survival.

Unfortunately for so many of us our cups have run dry a long time ago! There is barely a drop of liquid left to nourish ourselves, let alone anything left over to support those around us.  I see this in clinic (and life) all the time as exhaustion, overwhelm and depression.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

You matter.  You can take some simple steps today to help replenish your cup.  Be sure not to share out all that you replenish immediately.  Savour a sip or two more for yourself first.  This will help you build on your reserves and regain your vitality.  You’ll be no good to anyone if you allow your cup to run dry and are dreading each day.

The seasons are changing.  The transition from summer into winter will naturally start to slow us down.  Autumn invites us to take stock of what we need and no longer need in our lives.  If this pattern of the empty chalice is not serving you – now is the perfectly aligned time to start putting your needs first.

It can be as simple as pausing and eating a nourishing breakfast before you start your ‘endless list’ of things to do.  Or committing to 1 yoga class per week to have some designated time out.  Perhaps a walk in the park is the thing that replenishes you.  Or taking a few moments to connect with your breath. What about a bath with your favourite book?  Whatever it is – make time for it.  Start to refill that cup.  Drink it in.  You will feel the benefits almost immediately.  And in turn, you will have more energy for your ‘to do’ list and your loved ones.


‘Nurturing yourself is not selfish.  It’s essential to your survival and wellbeing’- Renee Peterson Trudeau