What can we make of all this?

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‘Do not worry that your life is turning upside down.  How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?’ – Rumi

This week I have found Rumi’s quote a useful one to ponder.  Yes, these are difficult times for everyone in their own special way – some people are overworked right now (thank you to those who are providing essential services to support our communities and those of you helping us continue to have access to nourishing food, etc); some people are underworked right now and worried about their future; some people face the loneliness of isolation on their own; some people are concerned that they will get sick; while others are trying to homeschool children while attempting to keep up work duties from home – what we are facing at this time of our lives is indeed unique and unprecedented….. however, ask yourself – do you want things to go back to how they were beforehand? 

If you were completely honest with yourself – could you say that the way things ‘used to be’ were 100% effective?  Making you happy?  Did you feel completely fulfilled in your life prior to all this?  I highly doubt that any one of us could truly answer yes to these questions.  Unfortunately it is such a trait of human nature to want to make change – to want to live a more fulfilling life, but find it too difficult to do so.  We are creatures of habit.  And sometimes it’s hard to change a habit you have been invested in for decades… or a lifetime!  Sometimes the habit is created by such subconscious patterning that we can’t even recognize it.  And sometimes we are so familiar with the habit that we don’t even know that we have a choice in making a change.

So why do we worry so much when change is forced upon us?  In most cases it’s not about the actual change that we are worried.  Usually it’s the uncertainty that comes with that change that keeps us in an anxious mental state.  And these are indeed uncertain times.  ‘How long will we be in lockdown?’  ‘How long will this virus stick around?’  ‘How will our lives be affected after all this?’  These are difficult questions and ones that we don’t yet know all the answers.  However, keeping in mind that the mind likes to search for answers in uncertain times, perhaps you would consider just now what seeds you might like to plant for your future?

I’m reminded of the age-old quote ‘if you don’t choose what to plant in your garden, then all you will grow is weeds’.  Maybe now is the perfect time to make some choices about what you want and need in your life moving forward – to make the choice to plant fruitful flowers and other things that will nourish you in the years to come.  To use the mind to create a picture of how you want your life to be moving forward.  Rather than get stuck in ‘what ifs’ that you don’t yet have answers for, you can use the mind wisely to reset your life.  This is one thing that is in your power at the moment.  What wasn’t working prior to now?  Were you working too much?  Were you filling your time with friends and social events that didn’t fully nourish you?  Were you putting off that creative project?  That business idea you always wanted to do?  Have you not had the chance to spend enough quality time with your family lately?  Have you always wanted to learn a language?

You are the creator of your life and in amongst the madness of all that is going on around you just now, you are being offered an incredible opportunity to be present with yourself and remember your true needs.  Sure you might find that you have some old emotions there that you’ve been able to keep at bay with a myriad of distractions…..let yourself feel it.  It could be the very thing that’s been blocking you from stepping into your true potential.  It might feel painful for an hour or two, or a day or two, but just like a good poo – you will feel much better afterwards!!  Lighter.  Freer.  And able to allow more into your life.  If we don’t release these pent up emotions, they become toxic.  They weigh us down, make us heavy, and make it hard to open up to something else in your life.  In feeling and releasing any emotion that has been stuck (and perhaps keeping you stuck), you can begin to tune back into your underlying needs.  What can you do just now to nurture your needs a little more at this time? 

If you were really honest with yourself – what elements of the current situation are you happy about?  What do you have to be grateful for about what’s happening in your life right now?  What gift has come from all of this?

Gratitude can be a simple, yet powerful way to help lift your spirits.  Even when we are having the darkest of days, we can still be grateful for the gift of the sun on our face and the breath in our lungs.  We can find gratitude for the green of the grass or the song of a bird.  The beauty in the clouds and the sky.  We have so much to be grateful for every single day on this earth.  Nature alone is so full of abundance that we can find thousands of things to be grateful for!!

At times like these, more than ever, we can choose to plant beauty in our minds, not weeds. We can choose what we focus our mind on.  We can strive to be grateful for the simplest of things, which can begin to fill our hearts up.

Try this, just for one day and see how you feel.

While you can’t change the situation that’s going on in the world, you can make small changes to help you feel better about it.  If you haven’t already done so, cook your favourite dish for dinner.  Put on some nice candles and your favourite music.  Have a date with your book.  Run a bath.  Enjoy some games with your family.  Call an old friend.  Or just go for a walk in nature.  Make the choice to give a little more nurturing to yourself and those around you.  Work with what is in your control and you might find that you can actually flourish in this time of uncertainty.

And maybe you’ll start to discover the blessings in your world being turned upside down…and begin to see the positive in the side that’s showing itself to you now.

Blessings on your journey.  Stay safe.   Xx Michelle