The gift to remember when it all becomes too much…

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Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.  Sometimes that which we perceive to be difficult can actually be a gift in disguise… 

When life is feeling all too much, when we’re overloaded with responsibilities, when the ‘to do’ list just keeps piling up and it seems that no matter what we do we just can’t shake it – remember this can actually be a time of great insight and healing.

Often it’s when we’ve reached our utmost limit that we finally decide to create change.  We may have been so distracted in the build up phase that we didn’t even notice what we were creating for ourselves.  Being over-stretched and overwhelmed gives us two choices: 1. to continue on the same trajectory with the same outcome or 2. change the course of events or pattern playing out, to create a more favourable outcome.

While change can be hard to instigate at times, allowing ourselves to reach the end of our tether can force much-needed change upon us.  As human beings living in a physical world change is inevitable.  We can choose to be proactive about it or reactive about it.  Either way, we will evolve.

But next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsatisfied by the events in your life, instead of cursing them and wishing for things to be different, take a deep breath and ask yourself what you can do differently to create a different outcome.  Is it about asking for or accepting help?  Is it about not taking on so much?  Is it about considering where you are putting your energy and what your priorities are at this time?  Is it about communicating about your needs?

If you take this proactive approach you might even break a pattern that keeps repeating itself!  You may even find that you can adopt a new way of being that allows your whole life to be more enjoyable.

Every day begins as an empty slate.  You have an opportunity in each moment to act or speak or do differently to what you have done up until now.  When it all becomes too much, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are stuck there.  That is usually a moment of great learning, if you choose to embrace life’s lesson…..

Blessings on your journey….


The Sacred Valley of Peru is calling my soul!  I’ll soon embark on a long-awaited journey to visit the sacred sites of Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca.  I feel really blessed to be starting out the journey with a 7 day ‘Andean wisdom intensive’, learning about traditional ways from the local Q’ero.
I’m sure it will be an incredible journey on many levels.
No doubt there will be lessons to share in upcoming newsletters!
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