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With a touch of Spring in the air, I have finally begun to feel a ray of hope that things are starting to look up for us all once again.

What a challenging year 2020 has been on so many levels.  I truly wish you have managed to find some sense of balance amongst the upheavals and have been able to ride the waves with at least a little bit of trust and gratitude, hopefully finding some gifts amongst the turbulence.

Leaving winter behind

Knowing that winter is almost behind us, that we have now passed over the threshold of the coldest, darkest months of the year, provides a fresh perspective at this time…. a promise of new life in the coming months and a sense of optimism that we can soon begin moving forward once again.

Winter is usually a potent time to pause and reflect, rest and replenish, have some internal time to take stock of where you’ve been and where you wish to head once the season changes yet again.  For many of us this winter has offered a unique opportunity for quiet contemplation, consideration and meditation on our lives as most of our usual distractions have been on hold or unavailable to us.  Many of us have had no choice but to turn inwards and perhaps even face some of the things you have been avoiding for years.

This Spring therefore feels like an especially potent re-emergence.   Things have been on pause.  Now we are entering a time of gentle awakening.  Nature has begun her expansion phase – fresh leaves are sprouting, flowers are blooming and new life has started to appear.  If we can tune into, align with and flow with nature’s natural rhythm, we too can continue our own evolution and activate a whole new phase of growth.

Sow the seeds of intention

Now is the time to acknowledge the wisdom winter’s stillness has shown you and put this vision into action.  With a clear vision you can sow the seeds for a bountiful future.

The most abundant harvest is always created from tender love and attention.  Your personal vision also needs to be cultivated with great care and consideration, reflecting your needs at this point in your life, as well as your greater sense of purpose.

If you don’t choose what to plant in your garden, then all you end up with is weeds.  So use this time wisely to pursue the dreams that enliven and excite you, to make the most of this cycle of expansion, and be on your way to a ripe future.

What grand and glorious adventures await you today?
Take a few quiet minutes to picture the personal vision you wish to bring forth in your world.
See it, feel it, know it, as if it has already been achieved.
Start those neural pathways firing so that you can help to welcome that vision as a real possibility into your life.

Spring and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The Wood element (Liver and Gall-Bladder organs) correlates with the Spring season in TCM.  Consider a tree to gain a picture of the energy of this element – trees push up and out of the ground, ready to head towards their fullest potential. They are determined in their growth, and require the right balance of stability and flex to rise, yet not break in a storm.  You can chop off a part of the tree, but it will almost always find a way to persist and advance.

The Liver and Gall Bladder are about vision and planning, making decisions, being assertive, yet practicing the right amount of patience and perseverance.  If the vision becomes blocked (either internally or externally), frustration and resentment can arise.  When this type of disharmony presents itself for the Wood element, the remedy is compassion and forgiveness, and taking care not to judge yourself or others by their actions, but instead seeking to acknowledge the commendable qualities inside each and every one of us.

The Liver is our main organ of detoxification, filtering everything we eat and drink.  Hence why Spring is a good time for an internal cleanse.  Eating light and fresh will help you lighten the load after the heavier foods of winter.  Try to emphasize plenty of leafy green vegetables.  Minimise dairy, meat, alcohol and processed food to give your digestive system a break.

Your emotions can also have a very significant effect on the liver, so be conscious of what you are holding onto.  Getting active can help to shift stagnant qi or emotions, so Spring is a great time to get outdoors and take a brisk walk.

Start afresh

Making use of the expansive energy of Spring will set you on the path to your dreams.  What an exciting opportunity we have access to right now.

This is the time to start taking action on creating your personal vision.  Get clear on what inspires you, what enlivens you, what invigorates you and use that inspiration to take you there.  Making full use of this potent cycle of renewal helps you revitalise the areas in your life that have been stagnant.  It sets you on the path to live your life to your fullest potential.

This is the time to consider detoxing that which has been weighing you down – physically, mentally and emotionally. Clear the clutter, let go of that which no longer serves you, so you can start afresh.

Then when the expansive cycle has come to an end, and the summer sun is shining it’s fullness, you too can shine your light on the world.

By living in harmony with your own nature and nature around you, you can create an absolutely magnificent future.


‘The beginning is in your imagination’ – Napoleon Hill


I am now available again for kinesiology sessions in-person in Kyneton if you need a little support to get clear on your vision or release some of what has been holding you back.  Please contact me on 0408 081 455 for bookings.

Blessings on your journey.  Michelle Teunon