5 Benefits of a Daily Practice

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What is a ‘Daily Practice’ you might ask?  The Collins dictionary defines the noun ‘practice’ as: doing something regularly in order to do it better.  Having a ‘Daily Practice’ therefore would be ‘doing something daily in order to do it better’!  Some might call this a ‘spiritual practice’, but I prefer not to use that term as it doesn’t appeal … Read More

Can’t keep up? 5 ways to get ready for 2019

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Can you believe it’s the end of 2018 already?  Is it just me or does it feel like it was only yesterday that we were in January?! One thing for sure is that we can’t control time.  We can plan with it, count it, watch it go by, but we can do absolutely nothing to stop it.  So rather than … Read More

Connecting to earth energy for health and healing

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Connecting to earth energy for health and healing. Perhaps, like me, you’re rejoicing that Spring is in the air!  It’s been lovely to have a taste of Spring this week to help warm my bones and welcome my body back to Australia after 5 weeks in Peru with overnight temperatures below zero (and no indoor heating might I add!!). And … Read More

The gift to remember when it all becomes too much…

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Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.  Sometimes that which we perceive to be difficult can actually be a gift in disguise…  When life is feeling all too much, when we’re overloaded with responsibilities, when the ‘to do’ list just keeps piling up and it seems that no matter what we do we just can’t shake it – remember this can … Read More

Confessions of a Funeral Director

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Some of you may be aware that kinesiology isn’t the only work that I do.  Thankfully I have a couple of things that I’m really passionate about, which doesn’t make it feel like work at all! Alongside my kinesiology work, I am also a death doula who supports people at their end of life.  I share this for you to … Read More

Confessions of a funeral director…

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So you may or may not know that my other job is working with death and dying people.  It’s a sacred role that I am blessed to be doing.  Not only does it help me reflect daily on both life and death, but I am really passionate about supporting people to make empowering choices at their end of life.  My … Read More

Summer Solstice blessings!

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Happy solstice beautiful beings! The year has nearly come to a close once again.  Wishing you a wonderful and safe festive season for you and your family.  Read on below for an insight into the energies of the summer solstice and the summer season.  I hope to see you soon in the new year.  xxx Summer is the time of … Read More

The Lessons Of Spring…

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Happy Spring Equinox! Over the Equinoxes, day and night are of equal length. The wheel has continued to turn and now in the Southern Hemisphere we see the light increasing again as we head towards summer.  Spring offers us many opportunities, especially around lightening our load (physically, emotionally and energetically) as we prepare to become more active in the summer … Read More


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Come together in circle to reflect, respect and recognise what matters for us as we journey with life and death. Tuesday September 5th, Wednesday November 8th More dates to be announced for 2018 Investment: $10 Places limited, Bookings essential. For bookings: https://www.trybooking.com/305554 For more information contact: Michelle Teunon 0408081455 mteunon@hotmail.com Alex Sangster 0411 292 273 alisangster@gmail.com

Living Now June 2017 article – The Lessons of Winter

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I’m excited to announce that I have my first article publication in this month’s Living Now magazine, over 2 pages!  Covering some different viewpoints and approaches to winter, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) information and some tips on how to best work with this season. You can read the full article by clicking on the link below. The Lessons of … Read More